Pay It Forward… To Me

May 8th, 2007

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I didn’t know you were running from that crack head, and I didn’t know he calls you Archie. He calls me Castro! When SW and I were trying to shoot some stuff for you know what he came up and tried to make me admit that I was sent here to kill him, which of course I denied… like I’m going to tell the mark he’s the mark. Sheesh. Does he think I’m an amateur? In any case, he helped us out because shooting that stuff in the lab set was way funnier than shooting it in your run down excuse for a neighborhood. No, I apologize. It has character, and characters, and stray bullets.

Oh, so you know how once a day, ever day you should give yourself a present, maybe a piece of pie and a cup of coffee? Well today I gave someone else a present, and get this… it feels fantastic. After I bought my new Chrome messenger bag to up my street cred, I gave up my also pretty cool Royal Mail bag to this graphic designer guy who I’ve worked with and who had mentioned his liking of the bag. It was cool, after the Royal Mail service gave it up to I. Goldberg in Philly, I paid it forward once again. What am I trying to say? I’m trying to say that whenever you’re done with that Voyager belt buckle, the one handed down to you (for money), I wouldn’t feel demeaned if you acted charitably towards me. Seriously, don’t feel bad. Just listen to your heart and give me the belt buckle. It’s the right thing to do.

Also: we know amazing, generous, talented people. June 2.