Wood is so boooorrriinnggg!

May 25th, 2007

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Glad to hear you’re alive, well, and Jewish! I never knew that about you. Just kidding. I respect your “faith”.

Work is going like a thick mo’lasses this afternoon. It’s been 2:35 for like a hundred thousand years at this point. I’m sitting here looking at Google maps — waaay zoomed out — and I’m looking at weird places that are deep into Canada and possibly even the North Pole. I’m looking at sleepy towns by oceans I’ve never heard of thinking that a retreat to one of these places would be nice, but I don’t know why I feel that way. I’d probably go out of my mind.

But I bet you know what I’m saying. Slooooowwinnggg doooowwwnnn seems like it would be pretty awesome. Move to the middle of nowhere with some wood working tools or something. Just build crap. Read books. I make websites, Ben. I don’t get a whole lot of satisfaction out of it these days. Partially because they just don’t last, and I guess that’s a weird thing to care about, but if I make a website, no matter how good I make it, it’ll be obsolete in like two years. If I made a nice dining room table, say, or a grandfather clock, that would last longer than I would probably. And I mean, there’s no reason not to do things that don’t last forever. Like a master chef. The whole point of their craft is to make something that is instantly destroyed. And I wonder if they feel like me sometimes, or if that’s really what they like to do.

Do you think Norm Abram ever walks into his wood shop, looks around sullenly and thinks, “Why couldn’t I have gone into websites? Wood is so boooorrriinnggg!” I doubt it. I really do.