Cordwainer Smith. Dude’s one of a kind.

June 15th, 2007

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Ben, Ben, Ben,

Hang on, if I’m gonna do this right, I’m going to need more coffee.

That’s the ticket. Okay, so life has settled back down somewhere around normal these days. Things have gotten calmer. Probably calmer than they were even before PartyParty existed as a twinkle in our brains. I shall now create a bulleted list of some of the changes in my life that you may not be aware of:

  • Moving to a new apartment, twice the rent, ten times the neighborhood.
  • Learning how to draw! (see enclosed image)
  • Quit smoking (which means I am a jerk all the time)
  • Throwing away junk (my basement is becoming cleaner, getting ready to move)
  • Designing wrist-watches (finally!)

Yeah, so, that’s my story. I am able to relax more. Last weekend I got a whole lot done. This weekend will be a bit less since P is graduating and I’m meeting her parents (her dad’s name (and her middle name) translates roughly to “star peace”). We’ll see how that all goes. I’m going to wear my American flag shirt and a huge novelty cowboy hat, as I do to all graduations. Only one chance to make a first impression.

So I’ve always wanted to be able to draw, and last weekend I picked up “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” from the used book shoppe. It’s perfect. There’s a lot of neuro-science in it about what different halves of your brain do better. Drawing is pretty much about telling the left half of your brain, the one that cares not for formal beauty but rather for quick detection and identification of symbols to shut the eff up for just five little seconds. So you use your right side and try to just see shapes without putting names or connotations on them. It’s an incredibly relaxing, timeless activity. You stop hearing things or feeling things or noticing anything except the lines in front of you. It’s also such a nice break from the fickle and complicated tools of my other trades. For drawing, I need a pencil and a piece of paper and eyes. I’m going to try and have all of those devices on me at all times from now on.

Oh, another thing! We made sushi two nights ago. Totally sweet. It’s amazing sometimes when you make food yourself and then that food actually tastes exactly like the food you buy at stores! You know? Like, no matter how good I get at making gyoza, it never tastes quite like the dumplings at David’s Mah Lai Wah. But we took parts and made something that previously was left to professionals. Pretty damn good.

Also, read some Cordwainer Smith. Dude’s one of a kind.