It’s Easy, Fast, and Affordable

June 25th, 2007

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I’m sorry, friend. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Honest. Sure I could have written you about trying to find a new tenant for my current apartment and the interview process, or perhaps that one of my coworkers left, or about a debaucherous night which ended with a sunrise, or about this guy asking for donations for a free show Adam and I were at and though I gave him money he rudely asked for more, or any number of perfectly embellish-able stories from the past two weeks. But I didn’t. I don’t know why, Charlie… I just didn’t. And I swear I have not written letters to anyone else. You know it’s you or no one. But let’s put my hiatus behind us. Let’s move forward, boats against the current et cetera.

But yeah, dudesir, with Party Party behind us it feels like the world is a fresh tub of Play-doh, ready to be mashed and cranked into strings of sweet, non-toxic spaghetti. Which, as your critical reading skills alert you, is a simile for new projects and changes of lifestyle. As an American I’m afforded the opportunity (sold the desire) to completely revamp my life for the better, for the up and up, to be healthier, calmer, collected, mature, winning, stronger both mentally and physically. I, like you, have quit smoking, but on top of that, I have also decided to go on a bit of a diet, but maybe like a permanent one. A real lifestyle change, Charlie. People on TV do it all the time, and so can I. I just need to follow the easy steps, stay disciplined, and not count my eggs before they hatch because it’s the journey, Charlie, not the destination. It’s standing beside my beliefs, and if need be, shoving my way in front of them to mow down anything contrary that blocks our upward movement.

And, to be truly frank with you… I don’t even know if I’m sarcastic or not. I must be to some extent. But truthfully, most of what I wrote just now I at least partially believe, save for the mowing down contrary beliefs… though even then. Anyway, I was going to quit coffee too, just to see how that affects my body, but after a fairly easy weekend without it, I caved almost instantly upon arriving at work. So be it. We’re allowed some trespasses.