Maine Revisited

July 10th, 2007

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As I launched Word and opened the document in which I draft your letters, a nostalgic wave hit the breakers spraying my face, salting my eyes with what I refuse to admit are tears. We’ve rested long enough, it’s time to continue.

I’m back in Maine at my boss’s summer compound, and this year it’s not quite as sweet. Either the novelty has been bled dry, or my interests lay elsewhere, say in deconstructing newspapers and building rope ladders and flipbooks. It must be the latter, because in different company under different circumstances I’m sure this would be the time of my life. It’s just that… well, to be honest… I’ve been working in advertising for a year point five and my soul’s grown weak. I need out. I need out from product claims and indecision and client services (both catered upon and by me) and I need out from beauty retouching and focus groups and Wal*Mart.

But what can I do? They offer me a salary and I’ve built my life around that. I love my new apartment with G, I love the neighborhood, I love the tools and supplies I can buy. I suppose I could stick it out… I probably should, take advantage of the money and hopefully some project I work on outside of work will take off and then it’s goodbye soulless ad industry. I don’t know if there’s another way. If we tried to start our own business we’d have to give up so much, spend money, worry about business-y things, and what are we going to do, make organic vegan cookies out of a basement or create sugarless, all natural juices? Moderately witty T-Shirts?

I’m not sure what the solution is just yet, so I suppose I’ll tough it out. But I’m rapidly growing cynical and crabby. Luckily, now that PP is over and I’ve gotten my social life back on track, I’ve found a really solid group of friends. People I knew before, but never spent as much time as I should have with, plus G is amazing obviously. Never got to know her before now. She pretty much rules. Come up to NYC in a weekend or two and see our place. Once the rope ladder is built we’re gonna throw a wicked awesome rooftop bbq.