they get shitfaced and light things on fire

July 10th, 2007

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Man, sorry about not writing last week. I was busy sipping Sam Adams by the beach in Plymouth. Oh, and 3rd of July? Holy crap it was awesome. See, in Plymouth, they get shitfaced and light things on fire on the 3rd so that they are guaranteed a vacation day to sleep it off on the 4th! New Englanders are very clever, particularly in their sneaky drinking. I’ve never seen such a professional fireworks show put on by completely drunken amateurs with Boston accents [see enclosed filmreel and I’m sure you’ll agree].

Now I’m back at the grind. The website mill never rests. I often think it’s pretty silly, but clients often want to “see progress” so you will have to spend, I dunno, like a half a day mocking up a completely non-functional website that just looks like a website so that they feel good about themselves, when in fact, it’s the equivalent of like, throwing your money out the window and giggling at how pretty it looks as it flutters down. What if I went to a mechanic to get my car tuned up, but first asked him to create a short video of how my car would run once it was completed? I ask you, clients, is this useful? I answer you almost immediately: No. No it isn’t.

Oh, and I talked to C at The Fakehouse last night, turns out they’re giving me the little room next to the stage, D cleared it out over the weekend, so I can start moving in whenever pretty much. I’ll even have a key to the front door. I’ll let you know how all that works out. I think it’s a bargain.