Flying Saucer

July 26th, 2007

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Number one: David Byrne. I don’t think I could have more respect and admiration for one person than I have for him. Well, except people who speak out against US sponsored paramilitary and death squads in South America and the rest of the world. But right behind those human rights defenders is David.

You know that I hate scenes and that I don’t go out to bars much, especially in Manhattan, for that very reason. So for me, even finding a nice little café to work and read in can be a challenge. I don’t want something too swanky, because then people treat it more like a bar and who wants to work in a gussied up coffee shop anyway. But I don’t want somewhere that embraces the coffee shop stereotype too much, just putting on the façade of chillness, when in fact, the place is just as insecure as the swank shop. Of course you could argue that maybe it’s just me that’s insecure, and the coffee shop has nothing to do with it. But ignoring that completely, the good news is that just a few blocks from my new place is The Flying Saucer Café, a low-key spot with coffee and simple fare. Outback they hang picture frames from the tree branches and Monday night is open mic night, which I attended by coincidence this week. I’d say the only real downfall to TFS is their tendency to play really upbeat music loudly. I went in on a Saturday morning to read the Times and have a cup, you know, to relax, but they decide to play the whole Thriller album and before I knew it I was standing on the table dancing all over the Style section.

See you tomorrow night.