You just settle in faster and faster

August 14th, 2007

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Dear Ben,

That sounds like quite an adventure! Why do you complain about editing so much? I didn’t know it was a swashbuckling career. Anyhow, glad to see you are trying new things as always.

Life continues along its meandering pace here. My move completed, it’s almost eerie how quickly my new place has become home. Here I am, exactly two weeks into it, and living with F is totally normal, totally what’s supposed to be. So that’s cool. I think, though, it’s more just about new roommate experience having been built up over the years of me living with various folks. You just settle in faster and faster.

But it’s coming along. The projector is ceiling-mounted, which is pretty futuristic, believe you me. I just bought a surround sound system. Now I need to look into speakers. This is how they get you dude.

I’ve gotta start building soon. Or recording. Or writing. Or something. I’ve been totally unproductive and I’ve been blaming the move, but that’s over now and I need to get my ass in gear. As you know, I’m in a relationship these days. A totally great one, but now I’m hitting the point where I’m trying to balance things and I don’t want to mess it up this time, you know? Like I’ve always said, life is about three things: work, friends/family/lovers, and projects. And there’s only time for 1.5 of those. How can I sustain I wonder? I think if I could stop sleeping, like, just render it totally unneccessary, I might have enough time. Maybe I’ll work on that. Perhaps polyphasic sleep research is merited [see attached article].

Life is great, Ben. But sometimes it seems so inefficiently designed.