BlackBerry (Belated)

August 20th, 2007

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M. Charlie-

Enclosed is a letter I received RETURN TO SENDER. I apologize for its tardiness, and you hope you nonetheless find it relevant.

- M. Ben Shababo



I was on the train this morning and for the first time I’d describe the passenger density as comfortably tight. There was room to hold on and not be rubbing your armpit on someone’s shoulder, but it was also tight enough to read a woman’s BlackBerry. This is what she wrote:

Subject: Mi Familia Sani De NYC

Hi Sergio-

I am the host family for Laura Sanchez. She said you would have a good sense of the AuPair applicants. She leaves in October.

We have two boys, ages 1 and 2. The older boy goes to chool [sic] three days of the week. We live in a nice apartment in Manhattan. She would have to work Monday-Friday with Saturday and Sunday off. We rarely ask for overtime or work on Saturday or Sunday. She would have her own room with TV, DVD player, computer, and Internet. She must know her way around the kitchen and be able to make the boys’ lunches. We prefer that she enjoys healthy foods.

You may ask Laura any questions you like about our household to help make a better decision. Also, if you have any questions you may call me or my husband on our cell phones: [NUMBERS OMITTED].

Doris Martinez

I do hope she finds the right match for Matthew and Isiah, someone like Laura who can calmly handle the little terrors. Even managing something resembling authority.


P.S. See you on the seventeenth for the new Illuminea CD Release Party followed by brunch on the eighteenth!