Treat ideas like airplanes.

September 4th, 2007

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Stop your bellyaching! There’s a hundred and one creative things always bubbling around in your dumb head. Just like mine. I think the problem we’re having (because it’s the problem I’m having) is that you just can’t decided which one you’re gonna do. That’s the rub, I think. We both have jobs. They’re both demanding of our time (yours more than mine). So I feel like ideas for projects are building up faster than I can get them out. So, I’m like, working on them in tiny slices, trying to multitask. I think this is wrong, and all of them are suffering by getting treated equally. So, I’m gonna have to just get some dice or something to roll, and choose something to focus in on and complete before anything else. Treat ideas like airplanes. Gotta land ‘em one at a time, and with patience at that.

Not much I can write to you since we spent the entire weekend together. Hopefully you weren’t too 5th-wheeled. I didn’t know it was gonna be a couples & Ben situation until I was in the car with S and A on the way up and there was hand holding. I read a comic and pretended not to notice. But it turns out, it was a bad comic. The Authority. Bah, I mean, it could be good, but it’s one of those comics where the superheros seem to have no real limitations. Whenever there’s a problem, they suddenly have some special power that’s perfect for dealing with it. Pretty lame, says I.