Crackin’ The Whip

September 10th, 2007

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We did it right the past few months, throwing a huge party, getting away for a romantic weekend, and for the most part generally ignoring each other, but now the time has come for it all end and for kids round the world to pack up their boogie boards and iron their slacks.  It’s back to school!  And whether we’ve formally commenced or flagrantly withdrew from the academic world, we still feel that potential energy every September.

In the world of full time employment the calendar begins to flatten; the arc of the school year disappears into a hypnotizing drudge of weeks and days.  There was something about the school year, the semesters, syllabi, the combination of long term and short term assignments, the constant assimilating of new ideas and techniques that keeps the mind sharp and inventive.  Something clearly lacking in my current day to day life.  So, this weekend I drafted my own syllabus for a course in Dystopian Satire and the 20th Century.  It may take more than a semester to complete though, for it is essentially two courses rolled into one:  20th Century history which is put into context through the lens of Dystopian Satire.  There is already an extensive reading list as well as a cinema list, though I haven’t assigned any projects just yet.  I’m not exactly sure what the short term assignments will be like, but it’s not a huge deal; the best part about teaching a class in which you’re the only student is that you can quickly adapt the program to fit the needs and desires of the students.  I do have every intention of -

-oh, shit, there’s the bell.  Gotta run.