manual focus

September 19th, 2007

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right now i’m watching the font list scroll up my screen. sometimes i let the muscles in my eyes relax and the image blurs. i’m not sure how this all started. i was probably looking for a font. but i doubt it. it doesn’t matter since my attention is distracted by the sound of a guitar. from hawaii? somewhere with a beach i’m sure. the new girl, like me, plays her music fairly loudly in the office. i always thought it might annoy people and maybe it does. but right now it’s like a transistor radio playing on the porch. i can hear it from my bed and decide it’s not worth sleeping in.

my head is leaning to the right and my fingers feel slack on the keyboard. i should probably write you a letter. i should probably exhale.

i do and my eyes focus. wingdings. decision time.