swooping around a plant in a gruesome ballet

September 20th, 2007

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P has moved in around the corner, and my days have assumed a delightful routine. Sometimes she makes me a bagel while I shower. Then I come out and look at the fish tanks and say “Good morning, idiots!” and give them the pressed seaweed sweepings they like so much. Then some of them fight with each other while others eat and spit out food while swooping around a plant in a gruesome ballet. Fish are stupid, Ben. That’s my theory.

Turning my car into a giant lobster [[see attached mock-up]] has proved to be a totally fun experience, as we both expected. It’s a good project, Ben because, while totally amazing and technically challenging, it’s also short term. I’m heading out to J’s welding shoppe tonight to finish the claw mechanisms, and test these weird actuators some friend of his had. I really hope they work. In fact, at this point, they sort of have to if we’re gonna do this thing. I asked the internet how I should create the shells for the claws, and it responded, as it always does, with creepy fervor. If I can afford it, Bondo. If I can’t, plaster gauze. Either way, party at my place!

Werewolves of London just came on. That’s totally my cue to say goodbye.