too weak to do the right thing and disembowel myself

September 25th, 2007

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Dear Ben,

I didn’t really know what your last letter was about until the very end. It was sort of like an M. Night Shyamalan movie, with all the things I didn’t really notice suddenly spiraling around in a montage until they form a complete story, the exact thing that’s been lacking throughout the whole film thus far. Anyhow, unlike most M. Night Shyamalan works I’ve seen, I enjoyed it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it now, glad to see you’re keeping busy.

Also, way to go on quitting your job like a champ. The freelance life is an enticing one. I was just watching Brazil the other night (ps. totally caught a Battleship Potemkin reference at the end this time, patted myself on the back) and was entranced by the life of Harry Tuttle (Buttle?), “get in, get out, a man alone”. Made me want to be a rogue something-or-other. Or like, a ronin web developer, my master killed during one of my own moments of programming weakness. I’d be forced to roam the corporate-side, looking for work, too shamed to settle down, and too weak to do the right thing and disembowel myself. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I’m thinking about it, Ben. I really am. But I think I’ll see how you fare first before I take the plunge.

Speaking of ronin, I read the Frank Miller comic Ronin the other day. I think the Sil-fucking-marillion was easier to follow.

Last night I made soup totally from scratch, along with some Damper Bread (in the standard Australian style). I know I like self rising flour for the convenience factor, but have I convinced myself to like the taste, or do I actually?