October 12th, 2007

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Firstly, I want you to know that I’ve created a new word document for drafting your letters. I decide I was tired of the old aesthetic and wanted a new design. I’ve switched back to the standard black text on white bg and reduced my line spacing from 1.5 to single. The font is Helvetica Neue Light and I’ve expanding the spacing by 1 pt. I’ve sized it at 10 and though it is possibly too small, 12 is definitely too big and I have an aversion to odd font sizes. Also, I hid the vertical and horizontal rulers and changed the view mode to Page Layout. Now you might say “Ben, this is unreasonable. You know it’s just going to end up in Georgia and the paging will be reformatted by a thorough, cold script I whipped up. Why waste the time on something so frivolous??

And I completely understand that.

One week in over here at the Brooklyn Naval Yard. It’s in many ways the opposite of Bug. There, someone came and cleaned every night, picking up empty wrappers and containers of individually packaged servings of junk food. Here, there’s a fine layer of sawdust on everything and the sporadic cleanings are merely to make sure nothing can kill you. At Bug we ordered from trendy Soho restaurants. Here I usually pack my lunch since the only food I’ve found in the Naval Yard is a soda machine, cans for ninety cents. There’s a Snapple machine right next to it with Snapple brand water, it’s plugged in, yet somehow not turned on.

At first I wasn’t sure how much food to pack, and like my route for biking here in the morning, I’ve been experimenting with it all week. Today looks promising: yogurt for breakfast, pb & j for lunch, apple and peach to eat when necessary, and I bought a carton of orange juice a few blocks before I got here and also grabbed two Styrofoam cups (in case on busted in my bag). I think once we finish building out the walls of the office and I bring my editing desk from home, I’ll get a minifridge and maybe even a hot plate so I can have soup or maybe chili during the winter months ahead.

There are two eateries within walking distance, one is The Naval Yard Hero Shop – which I’ve been to once and have a report ready, just want to hit up again to verify – and the other is a Mexican-American diner called Cibao something or other. They have a diner and tables and I’m thinking maybe I’ll eat-in and see what their story’s all about.


P.S. Thanks again for the web doings. Also, I’ve included this.