Carpe Diem

November 7th, 2007

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I can’t explain it, friend. I quit my job and my life became a whirlwind of activity. I’m supposed to leave for Argentina tomorrow but I’d lost my passport and had to rush another one using a third party expiditer in midtown but on my way there I got doored and flipped over my bike – it has since has been fixed – which was a huge hassle since not only did I have to carry my disabled bike fifteen blocks I also lost a lot of time over the next few days which is completely unacceptable since prepping for this trip has me running all over God’s Good Earth and somehow in the meantime I’m supposed to be working on a different job which only complicates things because I have to go to my studio to do that which – conveniently - is not located near any subway stops so when it rains like yesterday and I can’t ride my bike because I can’t risk ruining my laptop since it’s crucial to getting all this work done and in fact is already broken – the keyboard and trackpad do absolutely nothing – and though I can rush a passport in twenty-four hours Apple cannot guarantee me they can fix my computer in seventy-two so I’ve had to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse that I carry around all the time along with my laptop and its power supply and a firewire hard drive slash DV recorder and of course my journal-type-thing which I refuse to leave at home since as we all know I could have an amazing idea at any moment and without writing it down I’d surely forget it and though I keep a smaller green notebook in my front left pocket - along with a blue Bic ballpoint pen - it is strictly for lists of things to do and more concrete pieces of information regarding the logistics of my life – and also occasional lines of dialogue I think up – so with all that stuff I can’t ride in the rain so I have to walk like twenty minutes from the subway to the Navy Yard – another huge time waster – and so here I am today trying to load the last of the probably twenty hours of footage for the job I’m technically scheduled to work on today in the wee morning hours until the city begins to bustle around me and I have to go test all the equipment for the trip and figure out how to pack it all then go buy a digital camera which is purely an indulgence and hopefully I’ll find some time to do laundry and maybe eat. My life is hanging on by a thread.