don’t pull it too far in any one direction

December 11th, 2007

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I just walked away from you at the corner of 16th and Fairmount, and as I walked back home, I could have sworn Simon and Garfunkel were playing. The leaves falling, fog on my breath, leaving breakfast for places unknown. It’s been a rough couple months, friend. The way winter months always are. Between getting evicted and having crappy jobs at work and friends getting liver transplants… it’s been dark. And dark early. But last night we hung out and watched zombies and drank beer and it was like the old days again. It was a sunny spot in a dark season.

But, as Deltron said, “Crises… precipitate change.” So, onwards and upwards. In some ways I feel like I’m waking up out of a stupor of complacency, wanting something more complicated and challenging. Something better. For the first time in a while, I really feel like I want to leave Philadelphia for locations unknown, but I am actually tied to this place now. Love is a cats cradle I couldn’t begin to explain or chart. Each day, I only hope that I don’t pull it too far in any one direction.

These are the things a man in transition thinks about. I’ll try and tell you about them more frequently from now on.