Shake That Life

January 11th, 2008

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Here’s the plan: we take April or May and get a three bedroom apartment in Buenos Aires with S.W. It’s really cheap to live down there. We can just take the month and chill, go travel around South America, maybe even get some work done. Just one month.

I know you said it’s not the right time. But I argue that it’s exactly the right time. And in fact, when I tell people about the idea – and likewise when I would discuss quitting my job with them – they say well, you should do it while you can, now’s the time. You don’t have a family or an awesome job. There is nothing tying you down and this is good. Though you feel adulthood bearing down ominously like the spaceship shadows in Independence Day, the truth is you are still young. You’re coming up on twenty-five years of life and I expect you’ll live to at least fifty. That’s another set of twenty-five years at least. Think about everything you’ve done until now and you’re not even half-way.

And honestly, what’s the worst case scenario? You have to borrow some money from the parents or be jobless for a brief period or crash on some couches for a month? It’s not a big deal. Plus you’re qualified, you’ll be able to find work quickly one way or another. Better take the risks now than when you can’t afford it. Seriously, look at my sister, she’ll tell you. She has a child now and is dealing with a mortgage she can’t be late on (owning has its drawbacks) and she doesn’t like her job but it’s logistically impossible for her to go back to school or try and switch careers. I talked to her and it’s just like, I’m sorry and all I can do is support her emotionally as she tries to wiggle slowly down a narrow path towards the life she wants.

It’s just one month and the best part is it’s not just a throw away month that’ll knock your life off track. It’s not something to recover from. It’s when you do the recovering. It’s when you break away from the stifling day-to-day. It’s when you start thinking about more fun things than a passive-aggressive battle over a fish tank.

Look. Come or don’t come, maybe I won’t even go. But one way or another I can only recommend shaking things up.