theirs is faster, and more colorful, and higher pitched

May 19th, 2008

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Hey Ben,

It’s the kind of morning where I keep going back to UPS too see where my Chumby’s at. It just departed from Alaska if you were wondering. I wonder if it’s afraid in its little box. I wonder if it is excited.

I apologize for my absence. To be fair, I had taken you for dead after you didn’t return any of my letters for — let me go through them here — nearly three full months! You probably had your reasons, all of them selfish, all of them about “going with the flow” or “following a dream” or whatever it is you do when you’re not editing online wine shows for organic food money.

It’s been pretty exciting over here too. There has been so much gagetry and videogame content happening that I am somehow supposed to keep up with. First off, Mariokart Wii, holy crap! I can now race against J in Michigan as if he were in the same room, a dream of mine since he went off, bindle stick in hand, to become a Midwestern librarian. It’s a unique moment in history, Ben. You know how, when you’re reading a fine book, The Great Gatsby as a for instance, it’s like having a one-way conversation with a great mind that has passed on. That’s what’s great about books, it’s the great words and thoughts and views and emotions of these people packaged into a form accessible to us. Well, Mariokart Wii finally has brought that same functionality to Mariokart. I can go onto my Wii, and download time trial runs by the current world champions. I can watch replays, or even pit my skills against their greatest moments, captured and published for me to view and experience. These top winners have style, Ben. This service takes us out of the vacuum where the best Mariokart players have to be people you know. It’s gone global. Hack the planet!

Then there’s The World Ends With You. Now that I ride public transit more often than not, (if you have not heard, my beloved car Sue died [see attached obituary]) I am able to actually play with this device. Anyways, this is a game where you are a dead teenager trapped in Shibuya fighting monsters aided by a keen sense of current fashion trends. This has unlocked a whole secret compartment of emotions in me, and I now hear the siren song of Tokyo full blast. I’m thinking of going there for like 6 weeks this summer or something if I can line up some website work. They have the same internet there that we do, except theirs is faster, and more colorful, and higher pitched.

Anyhow, glad you’re still alive. Take this letter as evidence that so am I.