And they will beep and whirr at our antics.

October 13th, 2008

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Ben, Ben, Ben,

How time flies. I know you haven’t “felt” like writing me letters over the past six months. And to be fair, neither have I. I know we’re very different people now, in very different places. Well, ok, the same exact places, but you know what I mean. You know, Places. Life Places.

But I’ll admit to you, Ben. I’ve been saving copies of all the letters I sent and damnit, it’s important for us to be writing these things. Important and hilarious. And someday we’re gonna look back through some kind of hyperscrapbook with our robot grandchildren and we’re gonna say, “See that, Gleep Glop? That’s a letter I wrote to Ben 1.0. That’s Ben 2.0’s creator.” And they will beep and whirr at our antics.

Life these past few weeks has seemed like a hazy kinda weird life. You know how like, when you were out sick from school for like a week and then you came back and everything just felt off? It feels like that. I mean, autumn feels that way in general for me. It’s hard to shake the feeling I get when I watch Rushmore when it plays Summer Days in the background. That just is Autumn in a very real way. I see myself in the third person coming back from the grocery store, a trail of colored leaves in the wake of my Vespa.

Work’s cool. I continue sun myself in the occasional bursts of work that break through the Freelance Clouds. Right now I’m waiting on two ENORMOUS paychecks. I don’t know how they’re even gonna fit in my mailbox. After that, I’m gonna work on some projects with J that I’ve been putting off for way too long. Maybe get that poetry generator website that I’ve been talking about for years online.

I mean, life meanders on. But I think we should keep talking about it. That’s all I’m saying.