September 8th, 2009

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That’s so weird!  I have that same, exact dream!

The one where I wake up in a turn-of-the-century mansion and through the window see the girl of my dreams (literally) wearing a sheer white dress, twirling in the garden, almost glowing.  But when I walk out the doors I find myself in a tent-city, a shantytown if you will, and instead of the girl of my dreams, there are only gorillas… with guns… pointed at me.  Before I can put my hands up and in gorilla-speak (which somehow I know in the dream!) say, “Please don’t shoot, I come in peace,” they unload on me.  Luckily they are only shooting fecal bullets and not lead bullets.

I realize later that they’d done this as an initiation, no harm meant.  They explain to me that there is a war going on, a war with the zombies.  The zombies live over the hill in a shantytown of their own, built out of gorilla bones.  I’m told it’s my mission to go, disguised as a zombie, and kill their leader.  I’m put in zombie make-up, but I don’t feel it looks real.  “No,” the gorilla make-up artist tells me, “it’s gonna look real.”

And she was right, I slip into the main headquarters of zombie-town unnoticed, approach the leader’s throne from behind, quickly rotate it around (since it’s an Aeron chair of course), and what do I find!?!  It’s my mother!!

Wake up.

Man, what a hoot!  Two guys, one dream.

So, I know you hate cats so I think you’ll love this.  T and I are integrating our cats, which involves first sequestering the cats from each other, and then systematically desensitizing them to the others’ presence.  After Arthur became accustomed to the new living space, I took little towels and rubbed each cat down and then put the towels in the others’ room.  Eventually, they were fed just on the opposite sides of a door.  Little by little I revealed the cats to each other.

As of yesterday we introduced them completely.  Full access.  At first it seemed to be going well.  They sniffed each other and seemed to be arranging some sort of hierarchy with Slurpee on top.  But after a half or so, things started to get a bit heated so we split them up.  We’ll see if they’ll ever be friends, or at least not enemies.  If they can’t resolve their differences, Arthur has to go.

That’s all for now, how was your weekend in Plymouth?