I’ll get the grilled chicken meal

September 18th, 2009

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Today feels weird already. I’m not sure why, I figured it would start off great. Firstly: my underwear. If you’ve been following my bi-secondly status update tweets, you’d know that I ordered some basic socks and underwear recently from an internet store, like some old widower from Florida. Anyhow, they came yesterday, so I’m wearing them today, and I dunno, I won’t whiten your hair with gruesome details, but I feel sharp. Despite that, though, it wasn’t the usual ride to work. Where I see how many times I can listen to “Brandy” before I get to my usual parking space. I actually didn’t listen to any music at all. I guess I’m just having some buyer’s remorse with Autumn.

It was an interesting summer, all told. Lots of ins and outs, lots of what-have-yous. In general, it’s been a real happy one, but now it’s over and it went so fast. It’s a bit hard to see past the California trip I have planned starting next Tuesday. Somehow, though, I’m feeling a little too old for soul-searching trips across the winding Pacific roads of California. Like I’m worried I’ll just sorta drive and price out cheap gas and stop and eat at McDonalds but I’ll get the grilled chicken meal so I can feel okay about me. Hopefully I’ll get proven wrong this time. Again. Always and forever.