January 8th, 2010

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It’s so quaint how you embrace the dreariness of winter, wearing your Seasonal Affective Disorder on your sleeve, carrying around your own special brand of gravitas.  I consider it my personal responsibility – and honor – to keep your spirits lifted through the greyer months with my modest prose.

And how’s this for uplifting, I sold my G5 last night for $550.  Seriously.  Somehow the fact that it uses obsolete technology such as PCI slots instead of PCIe slots helped instead of hindered the process.  That being said, I only received one reply to my post, but luckily they were looking for my specific model.  The guys who bought it run a music recording studio.  Apparently they had the same exact model G5 as mine and use a lot of peripherals and upgrades (PCI cards, RAM) that can’t be used with the later G5’s or the new Intel machines.

Do I feel bad selling something that most sensible people wouldn’t even want as a door stop?  A little.  Did I make the risks of buying a used early generation G5 clear to the buyer?  Yes.  Sort of.  One, their computer – the same exact computer – just died.  Clearly they know the risks.  Also, I made sure they were going to use the computer in a climate controlled environment and spoke of the tendency of G5’s to overheat.  Plus, they said it’s a temporary solution and that the tower will become a backup in short time.  So, is my conscience clear?  Clear enough, Charlie.

Come visit us in NYC again before your Annual Birthday Marathon LAN Party and Celebration of Love.  I think there’s a midnight showing of Jurassic Park at the Sunshine Theater later this month.

Stay warm, friend.

-Baby Benlardo