But one of us is right. And it’s us.

January 20th, 2010

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I don’t want to talk about Massachusetts. Suffice it to say, I threw J out of my apartment last night over a political dispute, and we’re both democrats, at least I think so. Suddenly I knew I would hit him if I heard any more words from his mouth, and then he’d hit me and have to make me dinner for a few weeks while I convalesced. So I said, “I think you should go,” and left the room and started turning off lights. It was real.

J is more of a Non-Partisan. Ultimately, I think we just want different things out of political discussion. I was drunk and angry and basically looking to talk baseball. “Damn Yankees,” that kinda thing. When I’m talking politics, I wanna have opinions. When J talks politics, he wants to make sure you know that if you have opinions, you’re probably oversimplifying something. Also, that he’s way less partisan than you, and that you’re just as bad as they are. At least that’s the only thing that I get from him.

Here’s the thing: saying “they probably say the same thing about their ideas” doesn’t make mine wrong. Two sides can say and feel the same way about their respective plans, but that fact itself doesn’t invalidate mine. We can both look at each other and say, “you’re wrong”. But one of us is right. And it’s us.

Republicans are bad for America, and constantly obstruct progress. That’s all I’m saying.