a slow orbit around the binary stars of Beer and Red Bull

February 16th, 2010

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Morning Ben,

I’m getting sick. Not that I can complain, after abusing my body for an entire weekend of caffeine-fueled video game mayhem. I’m talking of course of my 27 hour birthday lan party marathon. I’m really glad you and T could come.

The hangover I had Sunday was a really specific kind of hangover. Because it’s not like you abused your liver all night with hard-drinking. It’s more of a slow orbit around the binary stars of Beer and Red Bull, fueled by Doritos. You just spiral outward and outward, see-sawing between the two to keep your orbit stable. Anyhow, I went to bed at about 7:30am, woke up at 11 to play more video games and see my remaining guests out. I didn’t feel sick or nauseated in the usual hangover sense. It’s more like my body was picketing me, on strike, demanding fair treatment. I called in the Pinkertons (Excedrin Migraine) and spent the morning with Roomba cleaning up, which was an ordeal. I was glad I wasn’t alone, though. I was comforted to hear my robot friend taking care of the living room while I did dishes.

But I’m glad we’re peers again. It’s always weird for those few days in February when you’re my elder. You start giving me advice and making me take out the trash, and I just have to do it for some reason. Not anymore, though. Now we’re equals again.